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Men's Fashion

How to choose the best fabric for men’s suit or coat?

A men’s suit has the same effect on women as ladies’ lacy lingerie has on men. But the important part is that the suit must be well-fitting and made of

Men's Fashion

The art of ‘sprezzatura’

There it is again, the word ‘sprezzatura’, often associated with the Italian Gentleman-scene. ‘Sprezzatura’ is an idea coming from the Italian Renaissance. It explains an attitude of nonchalance in order

Men's Fashion

AMF Stitching for MTM or bespoke tailored suit

AMF Stitching, which is also known as Pick Stitching, is a small stitch around the edges of the jacket, the lapel and the pockets. It is usually added on MTM

Men's Fashion

Suit sleeve buttons

A well-made suit can be distinguished by the details. One of the features of a high quality custom suit are the ‘Working cuffs’ – the suit sleeve buttons that are

Men's Fashion

4 facts you didn’t know about the men’s suit

The men’s suit is really an amazing garment with a long history. A friend of mine calls it the “Mercedes in men’s clothing”. Here are 4 interesting facts about the