Interview with Pitti Uomo 92 star Niccolo Cesari

Interview with Pitti Uomo 92 star Niccolo Cesari

At the 92th edition of Pitti Uomo Niccolo Cesari will be remembered with 4 extremely stylish and coloful outfits and attention to details. Read what he shared with us after the trade fair about his participation and his life as a Pitti Uomo peacock.

How did you decide to become a so called “Pitti peacock”?
Clothes are my passion. I attended Pitti Uomo every time and last January I decided to be a Pitti peacock, because I like these elegant men. My wife also supports me. So I decided to be a protagonist. This is my second Pitti in another point of view.

photo: Carlo Campi

For such a short time you have a lot of followers. How did you do that?
In Facebook fans grow faster. I opened my profile in January after Pitti because I made good friends there and the followers were growing up very fast. I had 500 and now they are 3050. In Instagram it is more or less the same number but it is more difficult.

How do you prepare your outfit for Pitti Uomo?
There is a big work to prepare my outfit for the February and June editions of Pitti. I have to visit a tailor. For the first day I had a suit from Angelo Stante, who is a tailor from Pulia. He made the light blue suit for me. The accessories are all made for me. The loafers are from Andrea Ventura Firenze, I chose the color and the model. The bowtie is from Germany, from Bowtie Bros – Hamburg. They make all papillon for me.

photo: Daniel Horvath

Do you wear the same outfits to other events?
Yes, when I attend other events, but at Pitti Uomo I am may be a little bit more elegant. But anyway it is my way to dress.

What other events do you visit?
Some luxury brands invite me to their parties. I attend very often these kind of events. I am also an ambassador for a hotel in Florence – Hotel 500 Firenze.

What style are your suits? Are they typical Italian style?
Italian style is always present in my suits, but I think I put some personal style in my way to wear. Something Italian, of course, but more colorful. Not many Italians wear colors like me. I like the color also in winter. I like to wear colorful coats. In winter men don’t like to use colors. But I like a lot. I am different in this.

Do you think that the black-tie dress code should be changed so that men wear more colorful suts on formal events?
I think in ceremony it is better to stay in classical colors – blue, navy or black. For free time I like color, but not in ceremony. May be also some details in colors, may be socks, color in details. It is better to be formal. Men don’t like to be different. They prefer to be classic, all in the same color. Very often I am unique where I go.

At Pitti there was some kind of a dresscode. Most men were wearing hats for example. Is it a trend now?
Hats are very important at Pitti. Hats with plums. I like to wear hats. Not in normal life, but at Pitti I like that, it is more elegant and fashionable, more charming. The hat I wore was from Alex Cappelli – Firenze.

Is Pitti Uomo changing through the years, what do you think?
Yes, it has been changed. There is more elegance now, more attention to details, more dandies are coming.

Do you go to some other fashion fairs and events?
Yes, for example I went to Milano fashion week in February. I go to other events and fashion shows as well.

photo: David Glauso

Pitti Uomo 92 outfits of Niccolo Cesari:

Hat: Alex Cappelli – Firenze
Bowtie: Bowtie Bros – Hamburg
Suit: Style Consultant by Angelo Stante
Pocketsquare: Colombo Milano1911
Pin: Ralitzatailoring  – Bucarest
Gloves: Duecci – Napoli
Leather Pochette: Alef bags- Firenze
Shoes: Andrea Ventura Firenze
Cufflinks: Duedipicche Bijoux Milano

Here is how our illustrator Mariya Christova @mariya_christova, Art Director of Men’s Fashion Group Florence, pictured Niccolo Cesari.

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