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Clothing makes us smarter

Well, it’s not a secret that a man dressed in a well-fitting suit looks more self-confident, prosperous and powerful. But new researches show that formal clothing literally makes us smarter!

Men's Fashion

How should a man’s suit fit?

Men who wear improperly fitted suits may hear this: “Are you wearing that suit or is the suit wearing you?” The secret to wearing a suit is buying the right

Men's Fashion

The pocket square has its own history

A pocket square, or what was previously known as a handkerchief, was once a utilitarian piece of cloth, but is now a symbol of a well-dressed man. Pocket squares are

Men's Fashion

How to dress up for events

Throughout your life, you will get a lot of different invitations to a lot of different events, and each event will vary in its level of formality. You may have