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Men’s Fashion Cluster supporting designers from all over the world

Dean Manev is the Trade Director of the Men’s Fashion Cluster. The project offers support to fashion designers for developing their men’s suits brand. The cluster works in collaboration with one


Bulgarian folklore treasure …

Tsvetomir Petkov is a young Bulgarian designer, Fashion design student at the National Academy of Arts. He started on the Richmart Vintage project. You can find him in one of the most

Men's Fashion

How to choose the right suit?

Every man – no matter of his body shape – looks good in an elegant custom-made suit. Most men go to weddings, job interviews or at work with really ill-fitting

Men's Fashion

Suit sleeve buttons

A well-made suit can be distinguished by the details. One of the features of a high quality custom suit are the ‘Working cuffs’ – the suit sleeve buttons that are