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Versed in the importance of a well fitted, quality suit

Her name is Sasha Kinane and she is a Stylist at Institchu, Australia. Working full time in the field of menswear, she is well versed in the importance of a

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The elements of the Black tie dress code

Black tie is a men’s and women’s dress code for evening events (after 6 p.m.) dating back from the 19th century. It is semi-formal – in the middle between white

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The art of ‘sprezzatura’

There it is again, the word ‘sprezzatura’, often associated with the Italian Gentleman-scene. ‘Sprezzatura’ is an idea coming from the Italian Renaissance. It explains an attitude of nonchalance in order

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Suit sleeve buttons

A well-made suit can be distinguished by the details. One of the features of a high quality custom suit are the ‘Working cuffs’ – the suit sleeve buttons that are