TOCICO International Conference

The 2017 TOCICO International Conference will be held in Berlin, Germany.

2017 also marks the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation that started in Germany, and the city of Berlin has for many years been the epicenter of the historic separation between western and eastern blocks. How does this relate to TOC?

500 years ago many thought the Catholic Church had lost its focus and its actions and measures were taking it farther away from its mission rather than towards it. We see the same issues in many of today’s organizations.

When the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, this offered new opportunities and allowed people across the world to cooperate rather than fight each other. Wouldn’t we like to see such a spirit of unity and connectedness in our organizations?

Instead of unifying organizations towards a common objective many efforts, measurements and policies often create competition for resources, foster local efficiencies and sub optimization, thus strengthening the walls that block collaboration and harmony rather than providing the focus and clarity required to bring them down and put the organization on a strong path to ever flourishing.

Join the TOCICO at our 2017 International Conference to network, share knowledge and best practices with hundreds of TOC practitioners, academics, consultants and C-Level managers from around the globe. This year’s conference will feature Keynotes, Case Studies, RoundTable discussions and TOC upgrade workshops.

All TOCICO Certification exams will be offered before and after the conference.

Earn from 8-32 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) towards maintaining your TOCICO Certifications.

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